I have tried to include ideas, thoughts and pictures that should recall memories for a great many people. However, when Birley closed and was subsequently demolished, along with it went many records, school momentos and muniments. If you have any ideas for this site or pictures that you would like to share, email me at - please send any pictures as jpegs and include any appropriate captions.


I am not the most computer literate person on the planet and it may be that you can improve this site and make it more interactive. if so, please let me know. Is there anything else or any different pages we should include ?


In Septemnber 2017 - e worked with the Church of the Ascension in Hulme to relocate the Birley memorial Stone to a site beside MMU Birley Campus.  The stone was gifted to our school in 1970. It was the original stone in Vine St School - Manhcester's first Board School which was on our school site (approx where the UK Fast Offices are now).  The stone is laid flat and we need volunteers to regularly cehck the palnting around it to keep it in good order. Why not just visit some time ?

The pic left is how the stone was desiplayed at Birley - it ws in the quadranglr between the main entrance and hall. The lower pouc is how it has been laid at MMU - it's just off Warde Street.



What else do you remember - the famous Birley Anthology for example, do you have a copy ? Maybe we could reproduce it ?

Check out the reunion page - let people know about it - attend yourself, send information. Where are you now ?

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Below  Wyngrove Byron, Myself, Fitz Wallace and Berres Gardner - I think this was during a VI form history class with Mr Moggeridge (yikes !) - approx 1974.


Pete Bradshaw - with Bud 2008


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